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Car Hood

Most cars use hood gas springs to lift the hood. Even when your car is made to last, the hood lift supports are no longer functional once there is no longer gas in them. Fortunately, we make it easy to get the right hood lift support for your vehicle so that you can get it back to its original condition. Just use our online tool to choose the make, model and year of your car. You will also need to know the category for which you need the gas spring for some vehicles. Once submitted, you will be shown the diagram of your vehicle and the lift application as well as the specifics of the lift available.

Once you have found the car gas struts that you need, you can place them into your shopping cart from the same page. When your hood gas springs arrive, there is no need to take your vehicle to a mechanic to have them installed. Gas spring installation is fast and easy enough to do it yourself. We offer complete instructions online as well as the installation videos that show you how to attach your hood lift on any type of vehicle.

In addition to having hood lift struts for some of today’s most popular car models, we also make custom kits for some of those that are a little more unique. If you own a special vehicle that needs attention, send us an email and we will see what we can do to get your hood lift support working again. Our goal is to provide you with the best gas springs at the most competitive price no matter what vehicle you need it for. Gas springs are what we do and we offer the most comprehensive inventory available anywhere. Just put your vehicle information into the search tool and find the right replacement gas springs for your vehicle’s hood.

There aren’t many things most of us can do to repair today’s cars. Replacing the car gas struts is one of the exceptions. We make it easy, affordable and fast to get your hood back where it belongs!

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